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Work Orders

Every other company I do work for post the Wo to a website along with any other doc's that may be needed. IT would be most conveinent to have that feature. 

Also when someone calls me and asks if im available to do a job and then says they will send it over and i dont get it for whatever reason, ie. customer cancelled, assigned to another tech, I would like to get notified of its status. I have many projects going on and i remember that jobs time frame and may not schedule other work during or it bugs me thinking I'm forgetting a job somewhere.

Lastly, I think your invoicing portal; is very cumbersome and time consuming. If i was to quit taking work, that would be the reason.

Thank you

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I agree 100% with the last comment about the invoicing portal.  The fact that I received call after call to confirm my readiness for the assignment and now that the assignment is complete I cant reach anyone is extremely frustrating. This leads me to consider not taking work from TST moving forward.   

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