InLattice may not render properly while using newer versions of Internet Explorer. You may encounter issues such as inability to open certain folders and possibly other issues. 

Note on 32-bit IE: Integration with QuickBooks using InLattice Plug-in requires a 32-bit version of Internet Explorer. Compatibility View is only to solve rendering (page-display) issues.

This can be solved very easily by setting Internet Explorer to use a Compatibility Mode for InLattice site. To do this follow the instructions below

  1. While in Internet Explorer, click the "ALT" key, this should display the various top-level menus (such as File, Edit, View, Tools etc) in IE 
  2. Go to the Tools menu
  3. Select the "Compatibility View" option

That's it, Internet Explorer will choose this mode for InLattice Application for all future uses. You can verify your action by going to "Tools->Compatibility View Options" menu and  ensure that "" is listed as one of the sites in the dialog-box.